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 Hair Ribbons 

Individual or Team.  Starting at $10 each.  Add-ons include sports, initials, mascots, team numbers & more. 
img_5618EWOK Cat Toys

Inspiring Wild Play & Snuggles.  These toys are inspired by the rescue cats & kittens our family fosters and learning what they love to pieces, play with and snuggle up to.  These toys look like Ewoks with their little hood on, or can look like little guys or bears without.  A few from every batch are donated to our favorite shelter.  We hope your cat or little loved one goes bananas over them!  Cat toys include catnip – also available in a catnip-free version.  Available in three sizes – S $8,  M $10 and L $12


18″ Wool Applique Pillows   $40

Available in various colors and applique themes. Removable pillow cover for re-decorating and cleaning.






Sky Dolls 

Sky is a carefree, wild spirit who follows his/her heart with courage.  S/he’s got mismatched socks and a magic cape and is a friend with a heart made just for you.  Sky is a little reminder to have the courage to believe in the power of your cape.  Your dreams, your brave, your heart… it’s the magic that is uniquely YOU!  #TrustYourCape  $60 ea

“Life is just a leap of faith… spread your arms & hold your breath and always trust your cape.”    – Guy Clark 




Full of strength and beauty like every girl out there.  #BeTheSpark #TrustYourCape $60 ea



Bonnets  $35ea

Wool with a soft lining sized 0-18months



Coordinating Blankets & Bonnets  Size 0-6months and Special Order




The Bandana Bib  $8 each or 3/$20

for Droolers, Eaters & Snappy Dressers

Reversible Fun.  Snap Closure.  Machine Washable.

Sized 0-6mo, 6-12mo, 2T-3T & 4+



Theme-Inspired travel play houses for play on the go!   $50

Frida’s La Casa Azul

Monet’s Blue Room / Yellow Room


Various Fairytales 


 Bow Ties

From coordinated group photos to special occasions and everyday dapper dressers… bow ties are a fun addition to any outfit!  Multiple sizes for little people, big people & all sizes of pets #BecauseTheyreFamilyToo  Available in Adjustable Neck Band, Headband & Hair Clips.  $15 each


Bow Tie Sizes

(Sizes & Suggestions are approximate… feel free to choose your own size!  Photo is with a Golden Retriever wearing a Jumbo Bow)

Small – 1.5″x 3  Baby/Toddler, Meows, Bestie Doll, Pugs

Standard Size – 1.75″ x 3.75″ Big Kid, Dad, Spaniel, Boxer, Border Collie

Large – 3″ x 4.5″ – A Bolder Look for Dad/Big Kid, Decorative Wreath, Golden Retrievers, Labradors

Jumbo – 5.5″ x 3″ – BIG fun, Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog, Irish Wolfhound, pet giraffe…




Pillowcases $25



Decorative Pillows 


 Flour Sack Towels $12 each





 Mini Duffle

Fun Size & Retro Look

Perfect bag for carrying around what you need!  $45

Fun Felt Masks for instant dress up!  Unicorn, Woodland & Superhero $20







Various Zip Wallets

Diamond $20 – Monster $15 – Mini Wallet $20