Common Questions

When will (the student) be able to mend and hem?  When will s/he be able to sew a garment?  When will s/he be able to thread their machine without making a mistake?  When will s/he be able to differentiate fabrics and necessary seam finishes? 

That’s a lot of questions for one answer… but it all comes down to the same thing.  With practice.  Patience.  Dedication.  Time.  I believe in interest driven sewing and finished projects for confidence.  I do not believe every human should know how to tailor their pants.  It’s an awesome skill if you want to learn it – but it isn’t in my rulebook of teaching.  My heart jumps when I start a project.  That is my goal for my students – big and small.  So, I design classes that are single project oriented.  You walk away with something to add to your home, give as a gift, wear or just love to pieces that you made it yourself!  Sewing can be overwhelming.  My hope is that if you are interested in learning how to sew, you walk out of the studio with more excitement than fear.  Every time the sewing machine is turned on, something is learned.  You may be hoping to have a two hour class and be a master, but in all reality… sewing is better thought of as a part of life.  Have patience.  Practice makes possible.

What about SKILL LEVEL or AGE?

Sometimes a 6 year old is ready for working with a sewing machine.  And sometimes a 9 year old cannot get through a class.  Age is less relevant than temperament.  Sewing takes a great deal of patience, being able to follow steps and having caution.  Especially in the beginning, these are very important as they also are habit forming.  Skill Level is much the same – sewing is not rocket science… but more determination, patience and caution.  If you ever have any question about the ability and fit for a certain class, just ask!  We’ll find a perfect fit!

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