Taking a Class at Piece Sewing Studio…

What to Bring

  • Your Sewing Machine (unless you have reserved one to rent in advance)
  • Supplies for Project from Supplies List
    • (If you have not received the Supplies List for your class, please email sewpiece@gmail.com)
  • If you have reserved a Supplies Kit, you do not need to bring fabric supplies. A Supplies Kit includes the material & thread for one project. They are available for all classes, but must be reserved in advance.  Some classes and camps are noted as “supplies included”.  This means the cost of the fabric supplies is already in the cost of the class.
  • Payment if not paid beforehand
  • If you are staying for more than one class, please bring a water bottle, snack and lunch if applicable. We break between classes and when needed for extended “Sew Days”

What to Expect in a Project Class

At the start of the class, we review how to operate the machine and basic guidelines for the studio, the project and the time we have together.  This is good even for an experienced student as it gets our heads ready for sewing some fabulous projects.  This is also how it is possible for a beginner to take a project class – we’ll go over the machine and what to/not-to do.  You’ll practice for a bit before we jump in.

What is in a Class at Piece?

  • A machine warm-up review (or introduction!)
  • A pattern or tutorial so you can do it again at home
  • An explanation of terms & techniques used…
  • A little spot just for you… and then…

We make something AWESOME that you get to take home!

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